That Print Shop Case Study

Who are our customers and what have we done

  1. What have we done


    With a sold out tour, the Jason Derulo's management team trusted That Print Shop to manufacture 30,000 Music CDs and promotional print materials for their live event! Call us and see why we are still the most affordable and trusted print solutions in Australia. Hit the "Quote" button above for a quote or email

  2. About Medibank


    Medibank held the largest, infact the WORLD'S LARGEST SPIN CLASS and who did they ask to managed their print production? That's right, That Print Shop! Our team were there from start to end, assisting the MEDIBANK team succeed in the GUINESS BOOK OF RECORD for The LARGEST SPIND CLASS!

    What we did

    1. Painted and organised the Medibank Container
    2. Medibank Tents
    3. Medibank Shirts
    4. Medibank Flags
    5. Medibank brochures
    6. Medibank large format prints - Banners
    7. Large size Medibank personal cut outs.
    8. Management and setup of print on the day of the event.